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WeMedia Talking Browser

A talking browser designed for vision- and learning-impaired Web surfers.

You must read the disclaimer before downloading.

download page Download WeMedia Talking Browser - External Download Page.

From the browser archive at '':

Different from a screen reader, the WeMedia talking browser becomes the actual browser through which you surf the Net. Complete with large buttons and keystroke commands for easy navigation, the browser 'speaks' the text you select within the browser.

You can go from link to link using the up and down arrows on your keyboard, and you can either select the text you would like to read, or let the browser read the entire page.

There's a helpful tutorial page that can help you get started, and tell you more about how to use the keystroke commands to navigate the browser.

OATS Comment:

We can't find the home page of this software, which is never a good sign for future support.  Anyone found it?

Confirmed; No presence at the developer's website, and hard to find. Definitely no longer supported.

webmedia talking browser download location

Posted by Anonymous User at 2010-05-06 02:21

re: wemedia talking browser download location

Posted by Mats Lundalv at 2011-10-20 18:28
Thanks for the new download link! The old one was broken.

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