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Thunder Screen Reader

Thunder is free screenreader talking software for blind and visually impaired people.

You must read the disclaimer before downloading.

download page Download Thunder Screen Reader - External Download Page.

From the Authors:

Download the Thunder ScreenReader talking software and your modern XP or Vista computer will be immediately usable by someone who can’t see to read the screen. you will have a talking computer which will speak as you press keys and read out to you what is on the screen.

To enjoy the internet, you will need to use WebbIE which is installed with Thunder. WebbIE will appear within the All Programs Menu. WebbIE is a text browser which cuts out visual clutter and presents a website in clear line by line text. You can adjust the font size to suit.

OATS Comment:

This is a very promising, free, screen reader that offers a real alternative to some of the other commercial software.  There are some instructional videos on Thunder on the AbilityNet YouTube channel.

Thunder Screen Reader
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