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SUITEKeys provides access to a virtual keyboard and mouse through continuous speech input on MS Windows platforms. See Overview for more information.

Latest release: SUITEKeys 1.0

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Download SUITEKeys for Windows (4.18Mb)
Windows Installer
Download SUITEKeys for Windows (6.61Mb)
Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine 4.0
Download SUITEKeys for Windows (2.32)
Microsoft Speech Text-to-Speech Engine 4.0a
Download SUITEKeys for Windows (0.83Mb)
Microsoft SAPI SDK 4.0
Download SUITEKeys for all platforms (67.8Mb)
Source code - you do not need to download this to run the program

Suite Keys current release - Read more

From the authors:

This file contains notes for SUITEKeys 1.0 for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, and 2000/XP.

SUITEKeys is a continuous speech understanding interface for motor-impaired PC users. In contrast to other speech recognition systems, it provides access to all available PC functionality. This is accomplished by modeling speech interaction at the linguistic level of the physical keyboard and mouse.

For additional information on the SUITEKeys concept, see:

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