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Sensory Switch Driver

Empowering switches connected via USB or serial ports

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download page Download Sensory Switch Driver - External Download Page.

The authors say:

The software is available for both USB and serial switches.

User adaptable

You can also configure the switch response, with options for ignoring accidental switch presses. These can be configured for each user, allowing several switch users to share the same computer

Use your favourite software

You can set up a 'preset' for each piece of software that you use, so switching between software is easy, even if they use different keys. You can even use some applications that are not designed for switches.

Each switch can be set up to do one of the following:

  • Press a key on the keyboard (with shift, alt or control)
  • Press a button on the mouse or move the mouse
  • Press a button on the joystick or move the joystick (USB only)
  • Nothing

Play arcade-style computer games with USB switches

If you have a USB connector (JoyCable or JoyBox) then games that are normally controlled by a joystick or game controller to be played with switches instead. Some games, like Moto Cross Madness and Mid Town Madness, can be played effectively with just two switches (for example two head switches), while others, such a flight simulators require more.

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