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pVoice is an application for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).Disabled people who cannot speak and have very little possiblities to operate a computer can use pVoice by selecting photo's or symbols to generate speech output.

Latest release: pVoice 2.2

You must read the disclaimer before downloading.

download page Download pVoice - External Download Page.

pVoice current stable release - Read more

From the author:

Common symbol languages like PCS, Bliss or 'Vijfhoek' can be used with pVoice. You need to purchase these symbol-libraries from the respective manufacturers though. If you want a cheap solution, you can download symbols from the Picto-archive (dutch) For your convenience I created a zipfile of the pictos from this site, which you can also download from the downloadpage.

pVoice 2.1 is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Croatian, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Russian, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese (the free Text To Speech 'engine' is not available for all of these languages, see the link to the Microsoft Agent page at the Support page) and is distributed with an emtpy database. You'll have to define your own Themes (categories) and symbols representing words within these themes. This however is an easy task. It's also possible to import data from previous pVoice versions into pVoice 2.1.

The pVoice 2.1 installer will -depending on the components you select- use your internetconnection to download nessecary components. If you want to install pVoice on a standalone PC, you can first download all nessecary components (see the Microsoft Agent page for this) and install them on the target PC. When you start the pVoice installer on that machine, it will detect already installed components and it won't try to download it again.

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