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Open Mind Speech

The Open Mind Speech project is part of the Open Mind Initiative and aims to develop free (GPL) speech recognition tools and applications, as well as collect speech data from "e-citizens" using the Internet.

Latest release: Open Mind Speech 0.1.2

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From the authors:

The main target will still be Linux (and other UNIX flavors). The software will be designed so that it can be easily integrated into any application, window manager or desktop environments (KDE and gnome). Open Mind Speech is using the Overflow environment. The Open Mind Initiative is a collaborative framework for developing "intelligent" software using the internet. Based on Open Source method, it supports domain experts (who provide algorithms), tool developers (who provides software infrastructure and tools) and non specialist "e-citizens" (who contribute raw data).

Speech recognition

Posted by Anonymous User at 2008-03-15 18:35
As a severely deaf person I look forward to the development of Open source speech recognition software which is usable by anyone without the need for training. This is obviously used by the BBC with subtitling. My proposition is for a UMPC which will accept speech from a microphone that I wear or is being worn by a speaker. Initially the speech would appear as text on a screen. But, better than this it would appear on a pair of LCD glasses (bluetooth connected), so I can look at the speaker at the same time. The software does not have to be 100% accurate. it just needs to be adaptable to a variety of speakers. Is anyone developing anything along these lines yet ? Keith Paterson
Open Mind Speech
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