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Morseall allows you to control your computer using only the mouse buttons. It allows you to produce keystrokes by tapping Morse codes with just a single button or with a three-button mouse for faster entry.

You must read the disclaimer before downloading.

download page Download Morseall - External Download Page.

Morseall allows people with limited mobility to use a computer.
Morseall is free software, distrubuted under a licese that guarantees future availability.

  • Morseall allows you to control your Linux computer by tapping morse code on the mouse buttons.
  • The left button is for dots. Hold it longer for dashes.
    The right button is for dashes. It is faster than holding down the Left.
    The middle button is for "finishing" and repeating characters.
  • If you can control one, two, or three switches, you can use morseall at at your own pace.
  • Morseall can use your existing accessibility switches!
    Ask a rehabilitation professional to solder a jack onto a "sacrificial" three-button mouse.
    It should be easy to hook up your current switch set for long-term morse-code computer use.

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