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Jambu makes the web easier to access for those who interact with computers using switches and head mice or other types of Alternative Input device. It is designed for users with mobility impairments who find keyboard and mice difficult or impossible to use.

You must read the disclaimer before downloading.

Sorry - there are no downloads for this project yet.

Jambu is currently under development and not suitable for users.
If you are a developer or just nosey then head on over to Jambu on the forge or the Jambu documentation.

Jambu acts as a mediator between a user's Alternative Input device and the Firefox Web Browser, making browsing and control easier. Firefox provides good accessibility features as well as giving first class web access by conforming to important standards. Although it is initially available for Windows, Linux and Mac versions of Jambu will soon follow.

Jambu is free to download and is an example of Open Source Assistive Technology Software or OATS.

The Jambu vision is to become a general purpose Assistive Technology tool that can work with many other accessible programs.

Access to Firefox is achieved using the standard accessibility APIs MSAA and IA2.

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