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Click-Catch(C) is an autoclicker. It means it simulates mouse clicks with constant intervals of time.

You must read the disclaimer before downloading.

download page Download Click-Catch - External Download Page.

Click-Catch(C) available options:

  • You may choose which button to simulate between left/right/middle mouse buttons.
  • You can also set single or double click.
  • There are two "hot keys" available. You must enable them in settings. "hot keys" are disabled by default.
    Combination of "control"+"x" pressed together at once starts clicking, "control"+"s" stops.
  • In cases, when you cannot use "hot keys" to start/stop clicking, there are two buttons implemented.
    To start simulation press "START" button or press "STOP" to stop it
  • You may also need to change time interval between clicks.
    You can set its value from 10 hours to 100 miliseconds.
    Minimal step is 50 miliseconds.
  • There is a possiblity to save your settings. Settings are stored in Windows Registry File.
    Click-Catch(c) has no instalation procedure (it's only one file after all!)
    so it can not delete its entry after deinstalation (delete).
    It has however an option called "clear WinRegFile entry".
    Use it freely, it is harmless.
  • You can check if there is new version available to download easely. Simply chose Help/Check for update!


Posted by Anonymous User at 2008-02-03 16:25
Thanks for all guys;*)
dl link doesn't work:(

Still doesnt work

Posted by Anonymous User at 2008-02-18 16:15
The download link still doesnt work,fix it please,or post a new url

Site seems to have gone

Posted by David Colven at 2008-02-20 10:17
The web site for downloads is no longer active. I have emailed the author to find out if there is a new site or if we can host it on Oatsoft.

Click-Catch Availibility

Posted by David Colven at 2008-03-04 15:38
Have tracked down the author and the download link now works.. If this should fail he has given permision to host the program on Oatsoft in future, I have a copy.

wrong time calculation

Posted by Anonymous User at 2009-08-13 13:48
1 minute = 100 seconds ? :-(


Posted by Anonymous User at 2010-01-23 05:34
Click-Catch is a really useful tool, but it has an error. 1 minute is 100s instead of 60s. So its impossible to set it to any value between 61s and 99s :(

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