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OATSoft is dedicated to improving Assistive Technology and computer accessibility through the power of Open Source development techniques. OATSoft makes the best Open Source Assistive Technology Software (OATS) easy to find.  Users and developers meet at OATSoft to create better software. 

Users, find useful free software and discuss and work with developers to get the features that you want.

Developers, work with users and other projects to develop new features and shared re-usable components.

Open Source Software is free and the 'source code' that makes the software is freely available. It is developed by international communities operating on-line.

Assistive Technology Software allows people with disabilities to overcome some of the disabling effects of society and technology, including computer and web accessibility.

searchSearch for software.
forgeDevelop Assistive Technology software.
infoFind out more About OATS, including the latest News and the most recent changes.
discussDiscuss OATS on the Forums or Mailing list, meet other Members or contribute content.

Launched 2nd May 2006 - please contribute comments and suggestions on the OATS Forum.

Please contact us to discuss development of, or participation in, the project.

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